A survival plot, used to visualize mortality rates of, e.g., patients with a disease undergoing experimental treatments. This visualization expects data with a column specifying time as an offset from the start of the study indicating the time of observed deaths or withdrawal from the study (aka “censoring”), a column specifying censorship status (0 if the patient has left the study, aka been “right censored”; 1 if the patient has died), and an optional column by which to group patients by, e.g., treatment type.

The number of surviving patients is plotted as a decreasing step function, with crosses overplotted whenever a patient is censored from the study.


data (Table)
The data table.
time (String)
The observation event time field. Must contain numeric data. See Axis scales.
censor (String)
The censorship status field. Must contain 0 or 1 only.
group (String)
The field used to split patients into groups. Optional
xAxis.title (String)
The label to use for the x axis. Default: Time.
yAxis.title (String)
The label to use for the y axis. Default: Survivors.
legend (Boolean)
Whether to enable the legend. Default: false.
legendTitle (String)
The title to use for the legend. Default: Legend.
width (Number)
Width of the chart in pixels. See Sizing.
height (Number)
Height of the chart in pixels. See Sizing.
renderer (String)
Whether to render in "svg" or "canvas" mode (default "canvas").