A boxplot. The visualization takes a set of measures (fields) and produces a boxplot of each one. The optional group field will partition the data into groups with matching value and make a boxplot (or set of boxplots) for each group.

This component can be found in the candela/plugins/vega plugin.



<script src="//"></script>
  var el = document.createElement('div')

  var data = [];
  for (var d = 0; d < 10; d += 1) {
      a: d,
      b: d/2 + 7

  var vis = new candela.components.BoxPlot(el, {
    data: data,
    fields: ['a', 'b']


import pycandela

data = [{'a': d, 'b': d/2 + 7} for d in range(10)]

pycandela.components.BoxPlot(data=data, fields=['a', 'b'])



candela('BoxPlot', data=mtcars, fields=c('mpg', 'wt', 'disp'))


data (Table)
The data table.
fields (Array of String)
The fields to use as measurements. The visualization will produce a boxplot for each field. Must contain numeric or temporal data. See Axis scales. Axis type will be chosen by the inferred value of the first field in the array.
x (String)
The optional field to group by. Defaults to all records being placed in a single group. See Axis scales.
xType (String)
The data type for the x field. The default is "nominal".
color (String)
The field used to color the box plots.
colorType (String)
The data type for the color field. The default is "nominal".
width (Number)
Width of the chart in pixels. See Sizing.
height (Number)
Height of the chart in pixels. See Sizing.
renderer (String)
Whether to render in "svg" or "canvas" mode (default "canvas").