A scatterplot. This visualization will plot values at specified x and y positions. Additional fields may determine the color, size, and shape of the plotted points.

This component can be found in the candela/plugins/vega plugin.



<script src="//"></script>
  var el = document.createElement('div')

  var data = [];
  for (var d = 0; d < 10; d += 1) {
      a: d,
      b: d

  var vis = new candela.components.ScatterPlot(el, {
    data: data,
    x: 'a',
    y: 'b',
    width: 700,
    height: 400


import pycandela

data = [{'a': d, 'b': d} for d in range(10)]

    data=data, x='a', y='b', width=700, height=400)



candela('ScatterPlot', data=mtcars, x='mpg', y='wt', color='disp')


data (Table)
The data table.
x (String)
The x axis field.
xType (String)
The data type for the x field. The default is "quantitative".
y (String)
The y axis field.
yType (String)
The data type for the y field. The default is "quantitative".
color (String)
The field used to color the points.
colorType (String)
The data type for the color field. The default is "nominal".
size (String)
The field used to size the points.
sizeType (String)
The data type for the size field. The default is "quantitative".
shape (String)
The field used to set the shape of the points.
shapeType (String)
The data type for the shape field. The default is "nominal".
filled (String)
Whether to fill the points or just draw the outline. The default is true.
width (Number)
Width of the chart in pixels. See Sizing.
height (Number)
Height of the chart in pixels. See Sizing.
renderer (String)
Whether to render in "svg" or "canvas" mode (default "canvas").